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Ragdoll 101

Ragdolls are semi-long hair cats who have very affectionate personalities! They originated from America. The breed was created by Ann Baker since 1965.

Ragdolls are super floppy cats and that's why they are named rag-dolls. They like to stay with people, play with people, sleep with people. They like to follow you wherever you go even if you are just going to the toilet. Some people call them "ragdogs". Ragdolls are the perfect pets and your great friends. To have a ragdoll at home is nothing but pleasure and luxury! 


What to feed your ragdoll?

We highly recommend raw diet. You will see the difference! You can buy Kiezebrink Complete sensitive, or Barf Menu. Always keep in mind that you cannot just feed them pure meat, or chicken necks. They need a balanced raw diet, which must contain all the vitamins and nutrition they need.

If you don't have the efforts to spend on raw diet, please buy your fur friends some quality dry food, such as Purizon kip and fish, Orijen, Acana and etc. Always check the ingredient in the food you buy. Many supermarket pet food contains only 4% meat content in their food plus 96% unknown stuff! Why would you feed your best friends with such garbage?


What cat toilet and cat litter?

Well, most ragdolls can use any kind of toilet, closed, open, with lib, without lib and etc. The important thing is that the toilet should be big enough because ragdolls will grow into big cats! If they don't like the toilet, they could use other places to take their dump....

We use cat's best cat litter here because it is biological. We don't recommend any cat litters with added odors and chemicals. They may smell good to you, but they are generally not that healthy for your ragdolls!


Cat trees

It is always nice to give your ragdoll friend a cat tree, it is a place for them to chill, to scratch and to play. Always keep in mind that a cheap cat tree will not last long and when they become unstable, they are dangerous to you and your cats. Also always buy cat trees with removable cushions, because you will need to wash them after a while... 

You can find really good cat trees on:


Food bowl and water

Avoid plastic food bowls! Use ceramic or steel. Make sure they are clean. If you buy a water fountain, please wash it thoroughly every week at least, including the inside of the fountain. You will be suppressed how dirty it can get over time ... 

Kat (47 von 47).jpg


You will need a comb for your ragdoll's daily maintainess. We recommend TLC, Anti-Static Comb.

For shampoos, you will need dedicated cat shampoos, we recommend Chris Chirstensen and pet silk. There are also shampoos to stop itching and prevent skin diseases. You can always ask us for a recommendation. 

You can find a lot of products on

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